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Mono Lake South Tufa

To be honest, before I actually visited Mono Lake, I never understood what all the hype was about. The tufas seemed strange and interesting, but I wasn’t convinced enough to make a trip out of it. I stand corrected! My wife and I decided to get up before dawn so we could get to Mono Lake’s […]

Gull Lake Trail

Our recent trip to Gull Lake was a beautiful experience. I have been coming to June Lake ever since I was little, and had yet to explore the gem that is Gull Lake. Of the four main lakes in the June Lake Loop, Gull is the smallest; a factor that sometimes causes me to overlook […]

Bodie Ghost Town

I have always had a passion for history. To say I was thrilled when I heard there was a ghost town just a short drive from the Double Eagle is a serious understatement. But Bodie isn’t just any ghost town, it is the largest unrestored ghost town in the country! Meaning it has been almost completely untouched […]