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June Lake, California (760) 648-7004

Gull Lake Trail

Gull Lake SUPOur recent trip to Gull Lake was a beautiful experience. I have been coming to June Lake ever since I was little, and had yet to explore the gem that is Gull Lake. Of the four main lakes in the June Lake Loop, Gull is the smallest; a factor that sometimes causes me to overlook it. Well if any of you have felt the same way, hopefully this post will help change your mind!It is about a 2 mile loop around the lake, a perfect nature walk for all ages and skill levels! My wife and I hiked it in sandals 🙂 Gull Lake TrailWe started off on the West side of the Lake. About a quarter mile into the hike, we found my favorite attraction on the trail… Gull Lake Rope Swing Brett…a rope swing!! The water was definitely brisk, but so refreshing! Gull Lake CampgroundAfter drying off, we hiked along a little further. Along parts of Gull Lake are several camp grounds and picnic benches in beautiful locations. Not a bad place for a pit stop. Gull Lake GoldThe trail takes you around a big golden field on the Northwest side of Gull Lake. The picture doesn’t even come close to doing it justice! Gull Lake DeerWhile hiking around Gull Lake you are bound to run into a couple of deer! Gull LakeThe light coming through the valley was so beautiful in the afternoon. Gull Lake Fire PitBetween June Lake and Gull Lake is called Interlaken. There is a tennis court, basketball court, playground for the kids, and this awesome fire pit! Gull Lake FishingOh, yeah. There is great fishing on Gull Lake as well 🙂 Gull Lake Rope Swing Animation Have you hiked around Gull Lake? What is your favorite part? We’d love to hear from you! Leave any questions or comments in the field below!
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