New Fitness Director – Devin McCoy

We are thrilled to announce our new fitness director at the Creekside Spa and Fitness Center, Devin McCoy. We know that Devin’s drive and expertise will help take our fitness programs to the next level! 

Devin McCoyAbout Devin

Devin grew up in Bishop California and has always dreamed of bringing her love of dance and fitness to the community that shaped her into the dancer and athlete she is today. She began skiing at the age of 2 and dancing at the age of 3. Her main focus was Ballet, but she also took classes such as Jazz, Tap, Modern/Contemporary, Lyrical, hip-hop, and gymnastics. Skiing was more of a hobby. Devin participated in Dance recitals as a featured dancer, and began competing in Dance competitions by the age of 7. By middle school she was involved in the HSMS Drill Team as well as the HSMS Dance team, on top of her already busy dance studio schedule. By the time she entered High School Devin was teaching ballet levels 1, 2, and 3 at the Bishop Dance With Me Studio. She danced year round on the BUHS Dance Team. They performed at local sporting events, recitals, and competed nationally. She was named Co-Captain of the BUHS Dance Team her Junior year, and Captain her senior year. After high school she continued her studies in dance at Orange Coast College, and Saddleback College. She was a featured dancer in over 6 performances including the lead role as Alice in an Alice in Wonderland hip-hop. She has choreographed and coordinated a showcased performance of her own called “Rebel Yell”.

She took her dance career to the professional level when she landed a job at the happiest place on earth. She danced acrobatically on stilts in the Celebrate a Street Party parade at Disneyland. After dancing for Disney she was given an opportunity to move to Florida to explore new opportunities, this is when she fell in love with fitness, specifically Barre, and weight lifting, and personal training. She quickly got her certification to teach. She taught at Barre54 in Orlando Florida where she acquired the majority of her barre fitness training, while she was studying sports medicine at Valencia College. Devin took the knowledge she acquired in school to bring together the choreography for a new work out program at Barre Revolution: Barre Bootcamp.

Though she loved teaching, Devin missed the thrill of performing and so she decided to audition for the NBA’s Orlando Magic Dance Team for their 25th anniversary season. She made the dance team and spent the next year dancing for the NBA’s Orlando Magic basketball team on the court during time- outs/halftimes. Her schedule quickly filled with dance rehearsals 3 times a week, and basketball game performances anywhere from 1-3 games a week. She used weight lifting, Barre fitness, and cardio training to keep her in shape for Magic games and promotional work during her season with the team. It was by far the most challenging and rewarding experience in her dance career to date! After her NBA season she was given an opportunity to work as a SAG-AFTRA Stunt Woman for the new movie Abattoir that was being filmed in New Orleans. She instantly fell in love with stunts and moved to New Orleans to learn more about the business to pursue her career in the movie industry. While working on her stunt career she still continued teaching dance at the New Orleans Dance Academy.

Feeling homesick and wanting to be closer to family she moved back to her home town and decided to fulfill her dream and take her dancing teachings to the familiar community that she loves, in hopes of creating more opportunities for the young dancers and athletes. She is now the Fitness Director at Double Eagle Resort & Spa, as well as Dance Director at SnowCreek Athletic club.

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