Yost Lake Trail

Yost Lake Trail

There are actually a few different trails you can take to get to Yost Lake:

  1. (highlighted in Blue) One starts across from the fire station in downtown June Lake.
    • in and out hike, about 4.5 miles each way.
  2. (highlighted in Red) There is another trail head off the road, just walking distance from the Double Eagle Resort!
    • in and out hike, about 3.8 miles each way, a little more difficult.
  3. (highlighted in Green) During the summer (until September 7th) you can take a June Mountain Scenic Ride up to the main lodge. The trail head is just a few minutes walk from the main lodge.
    • in and out hike, about 2.5 miles each way, easiest of the threeYost Lake Trail Map

For this particular trip we took the June Mountain Scenic Ride up, did a loop down to trailhead #2, and right back to the Double Eagle for a little post-hike spa session! This totaled about 4.5 miles of beautiful views of woods, meadows, streams, lakes, and scenic views! Here are a few pictures below of what you will find on the Yost Lake Trail.

Yost Meadow

This is Yost Meadow, about a mile north of Yost Lake. Its just a big beautiful field of grass with a pond in the middle.


Yost Lake Reflection

Part of Yost lake, smooth as glass! From this point, you can take the same trail back to June Mountain, but we decided to do the loop down to the Double Eagle Resort.


Yost Lake Trail

Taking the trail back towards the Double Eagle.


Yost Lake Trail

While the climb back down to the valley floor is more difficult than taking a chair lift, you do get spectacular views of the June Lake Loop…


Yost Lake Trail

…as well as this fun log to cross over Fern Creek!


Yost Lake Trail

The final descent took us through a beautiful grove of Aspens.


The hike to Yost Lake may not be as easy as the stroll around Gull Lake, but you get what you put into it with some amazing nature and panoramic views. The hike is also dog friendly, so feel free to bring your furry friend along with you!

Have you done the Yost Lake trail? What is your favorite part? Any tips for this particular hike? Share your thoughts with us below!

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